Rates and Terms

Rates - Tented Camps

01/09/2023 to 30/06/2024

  • Double occupancy 1 night - R2650.00
  • Double occupancy 2 nights - R3650.00
  • Single occupancy 1 night - R1950.00
  • Single occupancy 2 nights - R2650.00
  • Koraal Huisie 2 nights - R4250.00
  • Extra bed for kids - R325.00 per night
  • Venue Fee per person not staying over - R325.00
  • Cleaning R500.00 for 2 persons for 3 hours
  • Generator R825.00pd plus fuel R825.00pd

01/09/2024 to 30/06/2025

  • Double occupancy 1 night - R2950.00
  • Double occupancy 2 nights - R3950.00
  • Single occupancy 1 night - R2150.00
  • Single occupancy 2 nights - R2950.00
  • Koraal Huisie 2 nights - R4650.00
  • Extra bed for kids - R350.00.00 per night
  • Venue Fee per person not staying over - R350.00
  • Cleaning R550.00 for 2 persons for 3 hours
  • Generator R900.00pd plus fuel R900.00pd

01/09/2025 to 30/06/2026

Double occupancy 1 night - R3250.00
Double occupancy 2 nights - R4050.00
Single occupancy 1 night - R2250.00
Single occupancy 2 nights - R3250.00
Koraal Huisie 2 nights - R4950.00
Extra bed for kids - R375.00.00 per night
Venue Fee per person not staying over - R375.00
Cleaning R600.00 for 2 persons for 3 hours
Generator R950.00pd plus fuel R950.00pd

Deposit and payment – R10 000.00 deposit is required to secure your date, and another R25 000.00 6 months prior to your arrival date. Final payment and numbers required two weeks before your arrival date. 

Cancellation Policy – The R10 000.00 deposit is non-refundable, the balance of your deposit will be returned to you if we receive another booking in time to fill your date.

Terms and Additional Info

  •        Minimum booking over weekends is 25 tents, of which at least 15 tents and the cabin must be booked for 2 nights. Additional guests are only allowed once all accommodation have been filled. Minimum booking during the week is 5 tents.

  •        No venue fee applies, except for guests not staying over (see “RATES”).     

  •       Own drinks are allowed and no corkage is charged.

  •        We have preferred suppliers for planning and coordinating, DJ’s, bar service, catering, etc.

  •        We provide 12-seater tables and benches, and basic furniture items like wine barrels, chairs, tree stumps and parasols.

  •        Cutlery, crockery, and glassware are provided for your stay; however, you need to rent in cutlery, crockery, and glassware for your function.

  •        The kitchen is equipped for use by guests; with a stove, fridges and freezer, pots pans and utensils.

  •        There is no electricity in the kitchen, plug points only work when the generator is running.

  •        Caterers are allowed to use the kitchen and stove but must bring all their own equipment and utensils.            Food trucks works well. Caterers need to provide their own generator if required.   

  •          We do not have Eskom power; a generator is required for music and fairy lights. We have a 8.5kva generator available to rent (see “RATES”).

  •        Tents are equipped with twin beds, cotton linen, towels, extra blankets, luggage rack, bed-end table, bedside tables with lamps, a USB charger, chairs, and coat hook.

  •        Please bring your own swimming towels. Bring warm clothes, as Elgin cools down most evenings.

  •        Wood and Ice is included for your stay, but not your function. We can supply at a cost.

  •        Cleaning is provided (see “RATES”), minimum cleaning are 2 persons for 3 hours.

  •        No parking or driving between tents, park in designated areas only.

  •        Stay on the roads at all time, speed limit is 30km/h.

  •        No artificial confetti or plastic “poppers” or anything else that will spoil the environment.

  •        Do not approach or disturb wildlife.

  •        No pets are allowed.

  •        No fires except in firepits or designated areas. Smoking is only allowed at the firepits.

  •        Music Volume must be set at suitable levels taking into consideration our neighbours and animals.

  •        Check In is 15h00; checkout of tents at 10h00.

  •        All hiring items to be received and signed off by you.

  •        Camp, kitchen, and all areas used must be left clean and all hiring items removed before you leave.