Posted on Fri August 14, 2020 in Glamping.

What is glamping and what makes it so special?
The appeal of the great outdoors, with your creature comforts of a home makes glamping the perfect getaway for you.

Do you love the idea of camping, but not quite ready to say goodbye to your creature comforts? Then glamping is the perfect solution.  Featuring all the best bits of camping, but with a little luxury and some glamour thrown in! Glamourous camping may sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t!  It’s the perfect marriage between comfort and enjoying the great outdoors.

So what is glamping exactly?

It is exactly as the name suggests – Glamarous Camping a combination of outdoor living with hotel comfort.  It’s a great alternative to the standard beach holidays and city breaks. Couples, families, singletons and even honeymooners are choosing this type of holiday, with glamping also becoming popular as a corporate team-building option.

What makes Glamping different from camping?

The big differentiator is comfort level – your campsite offer luxuries that you wouldn’t find on the campsite.  Like a comfy bed with pillows or a kitchen with a fridge and full gas stove and oven, and even a coffee plunger for those wanting to brew a cup.  And although there is something special about sleeping under canvas, being out in the fresh air surrounded by nature, trying to pitch a tent, sleeping in a sleeping bag and wandering around in the dark can lose its appeal.  A proper bed, with a duvet and pillows, a comfortable and large tent, even a fully equipped kitchen and some home comforts make glamping a fun and exciting way to camp.

Some of us enjoy chasing the challenge that is the polar opposite of our comfortable lives.  We find it exciting to strip life down to its bare essentials. But with glamping, these bare essentials come with some creature comforts to make it a bit easier and snug.  Having a tent big enough to stand it, proper chairs to rest in and a beautiful fire pit nearby makes your outdoor adventure perfect. The draw of the big outdoors comes real and more desirable. 

And now with lockdown becoming a bit of a slog, after being confirmed to our homes and our local area, now is the time to regain your freedom and roam free in the great outdoors.  The desire to spend time outside, together with your family and friends is so strong now.  The simplicity of being outdoors, the break from distractions and the opportunity to unplug and be in the moment, being brought alive by just leaving the modern world behind you.

With Cherry Glamping being just one hour from Cape Town, Western Cape, it couldn’t be any easier to escape the humdrum of city life.  Located in the Elgin Valley, our beautiful and isolated location is perfectly situated among the orchards and vineyards.  And within a 25-kilometre radius of numerous restaurants, coffee shops, wine estates, hiking and biking trails. 

Cherry Glamping is your perfect opportunity to disconnect in order to reconnect.  Your pace will slow down as you relax and unwind with only the sound of the wind in the trees and the birds up above. Completely enclosed and safe, with wide-open spaces to wander around. Make glamping your next break.