Posted on Mon September 14, 2020 in Glamping.

The alphabet begins with ABC, numbers begin with 123, music begins with do-re-mi, and friendship begins with you and me. And at Cherry Glamping it all comes together to create one magical moment.

Cherry Glamping has so much to offer!  So much so, that we've compiled an ABC of all our Cherry Glamping favourites. 

A is for AWESOME

Our farm is just downright awesome.  There is so much for young and old to do.  From biking to hiking, swimming to braai'ing, getting married and renewing your vows, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, even 80th birthday parties, bridal weekends, stag do's, you name it, Cherry Glamping is perfect to make your event awesome.

B is for BRIDE

We have seen so many beautiful brides create their dream weddings, and each one has been unique and special in its own way.  The beauty with a Cherry Glamping wedding is that we provide a canvas that our brides can create magic with. Whether your budget is small or large, tight or extravagant, the beauty of our farm is that it lends itself easily to your taste and budget.

C is for CAMPING

But not just any camping, luxury camping.Warm duvets, soft mattresses, fluffy pillows to cuddle on at night.  Fully equipped kitchens with a gas stove and fridge to create your own culinary masterpieces, as well as hot water showers and clean toilets.  Our camps are more than just camps, they are glamourous camps!

D is for DRINKS

The beauty of having your wedding or birthday at Cherry Glamping is that we don't have a liquor license, so you bring your own drinks and when you pop open your bottle of bubbly at your wedding, you don't pay restaurant prices for your toasts!  You can bring your own drinks and spend as little or as much you'd like on your event. 


Our farm is located in the requisite Elgin Valley, surrounded by apple orchards and wine farms. Just one hour from Cape Town, in the Overberg countryside, circled by mountains, Elgin is the perfect spot to wine, dine, stay, explore, relax and play.

F is for FREE venue

Yes, you read right, our venues are all free when you book either or both of our camps and having guests that stay overnight.  Our two camps have 23 tents between them, with the option of adding another 25 tents in a mobile camp setup.  And you just bring your vendors with to set up your dream event.  We can even share our list of preferred suppliers, should you need some help with choosing the right team to partner with. 


A quick search on the internet describes glamping as 'Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. It's a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts. ... A fusion of glamour and camping, glamping is a way to authentically experience the most awe-inspiring locales around the world.'


Mehmet Murat Ildan says it better than we ever could 'While sleeping in a hammock, with the touch of a warm wind we remember why we are in love the with life'. Dotted around our camps are little corners calling out your name, where you can lie back and listen to the sounds of nature.


We know we are biased, but we have every reason to think our farm is incredible. Two stunning campsites, a number of great venues, an outdoor chapel, a 'tree' chapel, fire pits, lapas, wide-open spaces, beautiful bell tents, timber lounges with fireplaces, a dam filled with fish, two above ground, rustic pools, long tables for long lunches, and so much more, makes Cherry Glamping so incredible. 

J is for JUMP

Well face it, our guests are sometimes so delighted with our venue that they feel the need to jump, that right, they jump for joy after spending time at our farm.  

K is for Kitchen

It's not really glamping if there's no kitchen!  And our kitchen is fully kitted out with a gas stove, fridge/freezer, pots and pans, crockery and cutlery, knives and forks.  And a kettle and coffee press to make that perfect cuppa.

L is for LOVE

You know that skin tingling, goosebumps making, heart racing love.  Our farm has been blessed with the beautiful privilege of witnessing the joining of soulmates together, whether it's MR and MRS or MR and MR or even MRS and MRS, we've been lucky to see first hand what love stands for. 


Our camps are filled with memories of magical times. Whether its the laughter between friends around the braai or a mother gently dressing her darling child as they get ready for the big day, or someone celebrating their 50 years on earth, our farm rings with the memories of each and every guest.


I do are two powerful words that are said on our farm weekly.  The promise of spending the rest of your life together is a not one made lightly and our brides and grooms have said their I DO's across our farm - in formal surroundings, as well as makeshift chapels within the undulating hills of our farm. 


Outstanding venues
Outstanding accommodation 
Outstanding amenities
Outstanding facilities
Outstanding guests 
Outstanding farm. 

P is for POPLAR tree

This lone tree, sits on the hill, overlooking the valley below - our poplar tree has become nature's chapel, gently watching over many ring exchanges and marriage vows. With hay bales placed and beautiful paper umbrellas, this is the perfect spot for those insta-worthy wedding photos. 

Q is for QUIET

There's nothing more grounding than the sound of nature all around you. The gentle rustle of the pine leaves and the bird calls in the trees.  A quiet place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 


Rest and relaxation before your big day. One of the beauties of a weekend wedding is that you get the whole weekend to celebrate your nuptials.  And because the whole farm is exclusively yours, you get the chance to decorate and design the perfect spot for your ceremony. And you can relax together with your family and friends. 

S is for SUMMER livin'

If you're not barefoot or in flip flops, then you're overdressed if you visit Cherry Glamping during summer.  Our two overground pools are the perfect antidote to our hot summer days.  Cool and refreshing.

T is for TENTS

Let's face it, our tents are whimsical and magical, little pockets of shelters, dotted amongst the trees. Each bell tent comes complete with a deck and wooden chairs, the perfect spot to read a book or watch the wind in the trees. 

U is for UNIQUE

The one thing we can guarantee is that your event will not only be awesome and outstanding (see A and O), but it will also be one of the most unique events your guests will ever enjoy.  There is nothing quite like Cherry Glamping, and even on a rainy day, our events become the stuff dreams are made of.

V is for VENUE

There are a number of different venues available for your wedding or birthday celebration. Our Bloekombos camp has a large glass-enclosed hall, surrounded by lawns and a dam. And our Dennebos camp has a large covered deck, timber lounge and beautiful lapa area complete with a fire pit. And dotted around the farm are corners and nooks, perfect for your ceremony, or even, just for a sundowner drink or three. 

W is for WEDDING

Informal, relaxed weekend weddings are what we are famous for!  Boho chic, picnic party or festival wedding, you are only limited by your dreams. Setup on your own or use any of our preferred suppliers to assist and create a truly unique experience.  We do not charge a venue fee when you have guests staying at either or both of our camps, and you get exclusive use of the venue and all the facilities at the camp that you book. 

X is for XANADU

'a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment' - need we say more?

Y is for YUMMY

The beauty of Cherry Glamping is that you can pick and chose who you want to be your vendors for your function.  We supply the venue and you bring your own caterers, drinks, decor and music and entertainment and manage your event according to your budget.  So you're 100% in control of the food you'll serve to your guests.  And if you can't find the perfect caterer, we have a list of preferred suppliers, including food trucks and mobile bars.

Z is for ZEBRA

Our resident zebra went missing during the wild Cape fires a few years ago, and we thought we had lost them forever. Fast forward a couple of months later and they found their way home.  They are free to roam around the farm, together with the resident buck, sometimes even bearing witness to some of our wedding ceremonies.